General Information

Today we offer high quality RUF type angular and round briquettes, made of straw, hay, reeds, peat, wood bark and wood sawdust.

Demand for biofuel is increasing; in a lot of areas it is more widespread than firewood.

This type of fuel is convenient for transportation and utilization, it has excellent and constant heat output as well as it is economic and ecologically clean, and furthermore briquettes after burning process normally leave lower amount of ash then any other type of fuel. The high energy efficiency can be explained by high density of briquettes and considerably low percentage of humidity. One of the biggest briquette utilization benefits is related to a lower possibility of chimney clogs, so reducing fire threats.

Biofuel is a modern product, since just leftovers from woodworking and other organic materials are used in the production process. When burning, the amount of CO2 emission from these materials is proportional to the amount of CO2 that the bio-products absorb when they are growing so the balance of nature is maintained. Due to these reasons, further utilization and development of biofuel is highly possible, -growing more raw material used in the production, more CO2 is absorbed as well.

While the price of fossil fuel is increasing and the problems concerning its mining become more topical, the biomass used in the briquette making industry, constantly gets renewed naturally or through cultivation.

Our final product is ideal fuel for all types of solid fuel furnaces. It is a high quality product and corresponds to all standards.

This fuel guarantees warmth, practical approach and stability.